«Mycelium» is a non-hierarchical network of samizdat publishers scattered throughout the world.

The main objective of the project is to create a free community of people involved in samizdat publishing without hierarchy and subordination but with links between participants.

Anyone can join the "mycelium". It's enough to issue any book, brochure, pamphlet, manifesto, etc. in any circulation, marked by «Mycelium» logo. You can use the logo you see below or develop your own version.

 Each book published by the project member may be reproduced by anyone, regardless of whether he participates in the project or not, with a circulation from 1 copy. There is no restriction on the content of published books. 

It is desirable to send layouts of books published within the project as a PDF or any other convenient format to email:

Layouts will be published here:

(Gleb Kolomiets)